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Švyturys Brewery: Light Festival 2022

Taking on yet another challenge, I animated a captivating light projection on a brewery wall. This time, the goal was to create an abstract, artistic video that would tell the story of Klaipėda city, commemorating its 700th anniversary. Through a delicate interplay of fire and water elements, the animation skillfully unfolded the city's narrative – a story of resilience, evolution, and history. Reflecting Klaipėda's maritime heritage, the animation highlighted water motifs and ships, while also integrating architectural elements that transitioned across different time periods. Collaborating with fellow designers for specific design aspects, I worked on the animation, seamlessly combining kaleidoscope effects, 3D elements, and motion graphics. This project proved not only challenging but also highly educational, as it pushed me to learn and improve.

Company: Not Perfect Vilnius
Client: Švyturys Utenos-Alus

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